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321st B.G. Headlines page 16 - 12 May 1944

321st B.G. Headlines page 16 - 12 May 1944

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321st B.G. Headlines page 16 - 12 May 1944

Page sixteen of the 321st Bombardment Group's post-war 'Headlines' pamphlet covers the final breakthrough at Cassino and the start of the advance on Rome, which saw the group carry out a large number of close support operations to help the advancing troops.

This document comes from a pamphlet produced by the 321st Bombardment Group after the war, which told the story of the group's activities from 15 March 1943-15 March 1945 in the form of a newspaper.

Many thanks to Christine Stewart for sending us this document, which came from the collection of her father in law EugeneW. Stewart, a staff sergeant in transportation with the 321st Bombardment Group.

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